Hey all –

really quick- here is the low down on the new MadPea hunt starting this month. We have 15 very amazing stores lined up for you.

  • Fallen Gods
  • Trident
  • The Looking Glass
  • Vengeful Threads
  • Elvenbreath
  • Machinima Open Studio Project
  • Boudoir
  • Roawenwood
  • An Lema
  • ~*Star Kindler Designs*~
  • Whatz
  • forest feast
  • Dragon Magick Wares
  • Quixote’s Dream
  • Whimsy

•••••••••••••••••••••MadPea Productions Present••••••••••
•••••••••••••The Enchanted Frost Hunt••••••••••

••••••••••November 16th-December 22••••••••••••••••••••••

Start location  http://slurl.com/secondlife/MadPea%20Base/201/164/32

T h e S t o r y B e h i n d T h e H u n t:A sorcerer, dark in spirit and craft, happened upon the Princess Enid in the forest one day. So besotted was he by her beauty and compassion he sought to keep her by his side always. To this end, one night while she slept, he crept into her bed chamber and plucked 15 hairs from her head. With each strand he pulled, he captured one of Enid’s memories of her life before she met him. When Enid awoke, she found herself in a beautiful garden. She had no memory that this was not her home and when she saw the sorcerer, she had no memory that he had stolen her away in the night.Every morning he comes to visit Enid and every evening he leaves, after spending the day basking in the glow of her kindness and love. Each evening when he leaves, he carefully replaces the lock on the garden gate. An enchanted lock he has fashioned from the strands of hair he plucked from Enid’s head. A lock that has braided her lost memories together and makes it impossible for her to ever remember who she is or who might be missing her. As long as she never finds her lost memories, Enid will stay in the secret garden, locked away from her kingdom. Unable to free them from the frost that has settled over the land in her absence.

Once the player has completed the game (meaning that they have found everything needed) they receive prizes.

hunters purchase the HUD for 10L. The HUD gives out landmarks to each store as well as a hint. There is no set order in which to do this hunt.
For more information, please contact Elizabeth Tinsley, Clicquot Oh or Kiana Writer.



OMG! I  LOVE Apple Fall houses….

I am gonna be quiet and let you delight in the awesome MESH-y goodness. Again accessories and decoration from all my usual fav places ({What Next, Tromp Loeil, Mudhoney, Art Dummy, The Loft, Pop Art. Boathouse, LISP, Abiss.

Apple Fall London https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AF-LONDON-Apartment/3950377


hit the flickr link for a few more.



Hey everyone (or all both of you that read my blog)

I am still around, just a super bad blogger. I have no real excuse, and I will (as usual) try to do better.

Since I have a few pictures of new house things, I will ad them here. I don’t have a lot to say, other than all of this is from my favorite stores and creators and I adore them for making my world a more beautiful place.

Bazar- White beach Cottage with accessories and decorations from my favorite places.

{What Next}, The Loft, Inside Studios, Boathouse, LISP, JJ Lane, Awesome Blossom, Cheeky Pea, Baffle, Fuzzy Bee, REEK, TA

Hit the Flickr link for a few more.



I will use words sparingly,

Scarlet Creative, Love, One Voice, MESH!……*sigh.

I will see if I can find more words later, but until then, enjoy the pictures. I have not even started to add to the decoration, what you see here is included.

2 different WL setting used, otherwise no photoshop save a small crop.

Just Beachy



been a while since I did a post that was fashion-y.

But, I have some new stuff, and it is amazing. Starting with this MESH hair from Wasabi Pills. I might not take it off all summer. This happens to be very close to RL hair for me.  Color, braids, headscarf all of it. So carefree and easy (not to mention when you take out the braids you can be an 80’s chick and rock the crimp for a while lol).

The new shorts and top outfit from Redgrave are totally cute and well worth the tiny price of 129L. I know you have seen this set all over the blogs- but I do really like it.

I tossed on some cute wedge sandals that  found here on the marketplace for a total steal and a sheer tied shirt that I got a million years ago from HooDoo Surf. Skin is as usual from PXL ( I have not changed skin in well over a year and have no plan to do so yet- I guess I was looking for Linda my whole SL)




Hi All,

First a huge thank you to all the stores, hunters and fellow MadPeas the Sanity Falls Hunt was simply amazing and we could not have done it without you.

You all have one more day to finish (or start ;-p) http://sanityfalls.madpeagames.com/

I wanted to give you all a little statistical happiness.

We have 3093 registered HUDS (CRAZY!) and 972 of those have finished the hunt (some of you a couple times). I would LOVE to see 30 or so more finish so we can get to 1000. If you need help IM me- we will give spoilers at this point if you need 😉 Check the Wall of Fame here to see your fellow finishers- hope we can see your name here before Sunday!

This has been so fun for me, and I do hope you all had fun and saw lots of traffic, found some new stores to love, got some great gifts and made some new friends.

Stick around, you never know what we will have next!



I was unprepared and as you can see I have been slacking, but I was sitting here today and I thought,,. “hey, Clicq…..you look good today and how about that awesome house, and the new chairs….” and I took a picture. Since I went to the trouble to take a picture, why not go ahead and post it?

So, here you are….

Thursday the whatever of May

So- for the “stuff”

The house is the new MESH-tastic offering from Scarlet Creative. Mesh – Scarlet Creative For absencen  I SERIOULSY love this house. And I told her so at her Prim Perfect Interview this week. Charlotte I ❤ you!

The chairs and table and accessories are the new Group Gifty from The Loft– LOVE you too Colleen, ty for the generosity. Chairs have a bunch of sits and free coffee 😉

As for me- Hair; Truth-Becky, Gingers (when is it not?) Skin; PXL- Linda (again, when is it not? I have not taken this skin off since Feb 2011), Shoes; Stilletto Moody-Bare Robin in BadSeed, Pants: GField- white capris, Shirt; R.icielli – LARISSA minitop /sangria 2, Jacket, WW – Sheer Ladies Shirt . None of the clothes are “new” and might not even be around any longer.  I encourage you all to dig around in your closet for some fantastic finds. Much like my RL closet, I dig and I find items that i would totally buy again if I saw them on the rack, and I have totally forgotten about them.

So, there you have it- spontaneous blogging! ftw!

Comments open and welcome.



I huge Thank You to all 1032 registered hunters!

I am gonna toss out some prize picks for you here- in no particular order…… This is a mix of store prizes and final gifts… more to come. You can also check the MadPea website here for all of the pictures.

Hey, all the Mexico A Go-Go hunt begins to day… I have the list of stores and a pic of the gift from the lead off store.

So cute the little pergola is and will look awesoem in your spring garden.

Siesta Pergola :: copy // mod

Prims w/lights: 48

Prims w/o lights: 37


Time for a lovely siesta in this detailed pergola that includes a hanging bed with 3 poses (right click > sit on cushions), soft drapes, a set of gently glowing string lights, and a little field of fantasy flowers.

Mexico A Go Go Hunt Prize Siesta Pergola :: copy // mod

Mexico A Go Go Hunt Prize Siesta Pergola

Mexico A Go Go Hunt by [covert.hunts]
April 7 – May 5, 2012


wix site: http://www.wix.com/tashporthos/coverthunts


Please join the [covert.hunt] group to stay up to date on vendor specials, location changes or other pertinent hunt information. If you run into any issues, please use group chat FIRST to get answers. If something is terribly amiss, please contact Tash Porthos with a notecard stating your full RESIDENT name, the name of the store, and the nature of the issue. Have a great hunt!! 🙂


Copy and paste the above string of numbers and letters into your local chat and press Enter to pull up the group joiner.



#00 :: [dirty.little.secret] :: 􀀨
HINT :: Cinco de Mayo is a featured event in Mexico.

#01 :: Butterflies :: 􀀢
HINT :: Time for siesta!

#02 :: PDN’s Potpourri :: 􀀷
HINT :: Cinco de Mayo is on a Saturday this year, It’s going to be a long weekend.

#03 :: X-Clusives Animations :: 􀀡
HINT :: This is Mexico, not France.
Don’t stand there aloof –
It’s no time for a siesta
Head on down for a DANCE.
Then raise the ROOF –
As we have enjoy a fiesta.

#04 :: .HollyWeird. :: 􀀕
HINT :: This spot UP here and away from it all… Is the perfect place for my Siesta!

#05 :: Tiar :: 􀀜
HINT :: It’s all khaos.

#06 :: Unforgettable Temptations :: 􀀒
HINT :: I am swimming with the fishes, AHHH! A shark…*swims away, to a perfect hiding place* Now, just don’t step on me….

#07 :: Shey Fashion :: 􀀁
HINT :: I am checking Rosalia High Heels.

#08 :: Piddler’s Perch :: 􀀇
HINT :: Look under where you climb up.

#09 :: WYLDFLOWER :: 􀀮
HINT :: Some bunny loves Cinco de Mayo!

#10 :: Weekend Salvage :: 􀀈
HINT :: You can see Mexico from the Deck.

#CHCA :: */qbee :: 􀀸
HINT :: Residing beneath the country’s flower.


#11 :: CERO STYLE :: 􀀶
HINT :: Too much formal around.

#12 :: Rockoil :: 􀀬
HINT :: Check these heels out.

#13 :: Aphrodite :: 􀀪
HINT :: Lets stop by for a coffee first before starting hunting?

#14 :: Urban Republic Co. :: 􀀠
HINT :: Sit, relax, by the fire place.

#15 :: Urban Girl :: 􀀫
HINT :: The windows are so clean!

#16 :: Serenity in the Sun :: 􀀧
HINT :: Gift 1: Men’s – I can see Mexico from here.
Gift 2: Women’s – I just love holiday traditions.

#17 :: Winterwood Designs :: 􀀗
HINT :: Tatiana is hiding it.

#18 :: Mystic Canvass :: 􀀘
HINT :: Deals are the best.

#19 :: The Sweaty Badger :: 􀀩
HINT :: It’s a good thing Mexican tiles are water proof.

#20 :: CL Ideas :: 􀀙
HINT :: Come from Heart.

#21 :: Charisma Designs :: 􀀏
HINT :: I’m all TILED up …. opps… i mean riled up.

#22 :: VERSHE :: 􀀖
HINT :: Have a seat and relax, and it might just come to you.

#23 :: Lilli:T :: 􀀥
HINT :: Lucky you are in this hunt, you’ll get some great prizes!

#24 :: Rowena Paine’s Junque Shop :: 􀀚
HINT :: Light a candle for Our Lady.

#25 :: *TJ* Timeless Jewels :: 􀀛
HINT :: Prize #1 : “Trying to Blend In?”
Prize #2 : “Ladies and Gentlemen, I tip my hat to you!”
Prize #3 : ” Knowledge is a Great Thing”

#26 :: PePU :: 􀀔
HINT :: Let me be your sweetheart.

#27 :: Black Cat Bones :: 􀀓
HINT :: Go up and find the month of May, in Spanish.

#28 :: Zinnia’s ::􀀦
HINT :: Ouch! I pricked myself!

#29 :: Enticing Designs :: 􀀤
HINT :: I’m feeling bubbly today!

#30 :: bacidalucia village :: 􀀣
HINT :: “hay! oopppsss hi!”

#31 :: [A N A T O M Y] :: 􀀐
HINT :: Find me in the corner……

#32 :: AIDORU :: 􀀵
HINT :: Oh fortuna!

#33 :: ::Fe:: :: 􀀹
HINT :: Where’s the Killer?

#34 :: [PC] PIXEL CREATIONS :: 􀀍
HINT :: I´ll be waiting up counting the stars…

#35 :: GUHL :: 􀀯
HINT :: Have a look on the floor … its inside the store area.

#36 :: Tree House Treasures :: 􀀄
HINT :: ((Please see the in-store hint giver for latest hint.))

#37 :: Earth’s Bangles & Other Creations :: 􀀟
HINT :: “Singing” No money in my pocket and no place to go sittin’ on…..

#38 :: [Revenant] :: 􀀞
HINT :: Gatcha!

#39 :: Avatar Bizarre :: 􀀎
HINT :: ((see hint giver in store))

#40 :: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] :: 􀀊
HINT :: Behind the underwear.

#41 :: Graffitiwear :: 􀀋
HINT :: Look all around, but not the ground.

#42 :: Axo’s :: 􀀅
HINT :: Oh look, an axolotl! They’re from Mexico!

#43 :: Troofy :: 􀀌
HINT :: It’s getting toasty in here.

#44 :: ::Modish:: :: 􀀑
HINT :: Kissing your naughty red lips.

#45 :: Loordes of London :: 􀀲
HINT :: O.oo sandals.

#46 :: *.JULYs.* :: 􀀃
HINT :: Wanna play??

#47 :: Rosengarten :: 􀀳
HINT :: 2 cosy cushions on a sandhill invite you to rest.

#48 :: Special Moments :: 􀀴
HINT :: It’s 5’oclock somewhere!

#49 :: DROPPED – SKIP TO #50

#50 :: Abia Capalini Design :: 􀀰
HINT :: …. a nice place to sit next to the beach…

#51 :: PA DESIGNE :: 􀀱
HINT :: I love jewelry.

#52 :: SANNA-SCIENCE and ART :: 􀀝
HINTS :: Gift 1: Sexy Chica Go-Go 🙂
Gift 2: Piedra Volada is the highest waterfall in Mexico (go down)

#53 :: blah.BLAH.blah :: 􀀭
HINT :: If I balance this just right, noone would even know it was here….

#54 :: USC Textures :: 􀀂
HINT :: Aye Carumba! Rummage in the fabric sale.

#55 :: jalore’s Boutique :: 􀀀
HINT :: Couch.

#56 :: Darkfold Designs Bike Store :: 􀀆
HINT :: You’ll find me in the Boneyard looking at Wonder Woman.

#57 :: .:[Shapespeare]:. :: 􀀉
HINT :: Love gives you wings !!!

::::: And that’s the end of Mexico A Go Go! Gracias, y adios! :::::



Hold onto your hats Ladies and Gentlemen!

I have the link to the trailer video for the upcoming Sanity Falls HUNT!

You so don’t wanna miss this one. I promise it will be worth the wait. We have 50 (count them 50) amazing stores for you to visit after you explore the MadPea SIM

For now….be teased by the trailer! Enjoy!


MadPea Productions Presents

See you all on the 1st of April…no foolin’


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