TUHS-preview post 1


Hi All,

Here is a preview of some of the hunt gifts…more to come ;-p

3 of the hunt prizes for The Unknown Hunt Spring. Skirt from Y&R, shirt from Chokoreeto, bird house from LA Flat

Super cute skirt- I love the flower detail at the waist. T-shirt comes on several layers with prims for the sleeves and body (body prim not shown). Bird house is super cute (26 prims)

Spring Living room from Blackbird

Set comes with chaise (12 prims) rug (1 prim) Table (6 prims) and lamp (4 prims). Chaise has several poses and the the option to delete. Items are copy (yaay!) and the rug is mod so you can resize (love this!) all no trans.

Skin and eyes

Last for this post is the gift from the Skinnery. I have to admit that I am not fairy material- I had to dig deep into my vast inventory for an outfit (I think this is from pas de deux? and might still be available in the marketplace) and hair from Truth (was a group gift last year) and the pose (Peter I can fly from Olive Juice “defying gravity” pose pack on SALE! for a little bit longer -run or fly and grab this set for $60L). I think it all goes together pretty well- maybe for next Halloween? (apologies to those who live the Fae life 😉 there are more pics of this gift on my Flickr page.

Until next time


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