Peatonville Mystery Hunt


MadPea Productions present Peatonville Mystery hunt.
The basic story behind the hunt:

The hunter learns a story about the notorious Peatonville Asylum, where both the patients and staff lost their mind one after one leading into a horrible massacre. It is all connected to an ancient native indian Soulstone that was broken into pieces and these shards are hidden in your locations.
The Asylum is interactive with puzzles and traps and has clues leading to the vendor stores.
The players need to find the Soulstone shards to restore the the peace.. or shall we say that the ending is a big surprise. 😉

HUD is required for the hunt, HUDS are for sale at MadPea islands, on Marketplace and at all of the hunt locations and cost $100l.

MadPea hunts are a little different. Hunters must search for objects that will give them the LMs and the hints to the actual hunt prizes. Don’t worry the HUD keeps track for you. Once you have all 50 clues/LMs and all 50 gifts you will be taken to another location and rewarded with bonus gifts!

Hunt begins at 3pm SLT on the 28th of October, and there is sill time to apply to be a vendor is you wish. Contact Clicquot Oh or Kiana Writer in-world (or leave me a message here or send an email to clicquotoh at gmail dot com)


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