Beginning with the house I call “home”


Hey there!
ok on with my obsession- houses. This is the skyhome (cannot really be called a “box”) that I have rezzed (180 prims total) currently and when I type “TPH” this is where I end up. I love this build from 1nnovat1on Design. The textures are amazing, and it is fully furnished. I adore the art on the walls, but most of the furniture was changed out to be more “me”. Like ..the uuumm.. stripper pole that comes in front of a chair in the bedroom..YIKES.. No no no no (lol) not my thing, but to each their own.

This house is 2 floors, with a spiral staricase to the bedroom- loft area. A full bathroom is upstairs and a nook/music area. The lower floor has a non-working elevator and a HUGE living area with great views. The light from outside can be changes to suit (day,night, stars and moon). a very cute touch is the telephone, you can call and order a pizza ;-0 and a nice young man will show up with a hot pie. I suppose you could then invite him to stay, and try out that pole (lol).

you can grab your own here on sl marketplace HATHOR super Skybox house


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