A is for A:S:S: and Apocalyptica


I started my sorting project.

I found out I had more A:S:S: skyboxes than I thought I did. Photos Nikolaidis is very generous and usually offers new builds for $10L before they go to full price, not that any of the boxes are very expensive in the first place (not for the quality anyway) at less than $200L. Knowing that these offers are happening is only one reason to join the in-world group as there are usually exclusive group gifts regularly as well.

The skybox in this post is called “Apocalyptica” and is only 47 Prims and will fit in a 25×20 space. The textures are perfect for that grungy look. I have lightened up 2 of the photos so you can see the textures and left one dark so you get the “feel” of the box. There are technically 2 rooms, a foyer with fireplace and a living area. The huge round window on the wall reminds me of a clock and the windows on the opposite wall are so filthy it is hard to see the city outside. The outside of the box is plain with no architecture (as most skyboxes are) so nothing fancy.

I really appreciate the textures here, they are grungy and dirty, without feeling like I need a gallon of hand sanitizer. It is actually really large, but fits on a small parcel, and at only 47 prims leaves lots of room to decorate. I think this would make a great place to have a Halloween party! Room for lots of friends and plenty of space to dance or “bob” for whatever your heart desires 😉

Image left dark

Image has been lightened

Image has been lightened

You can pick up your own copy of this build on Marketplace https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ASS-Apocalyptica-skybox/1733742 or In-World http://slurl.com/secondlife/Space%20Illusion%202/69/61/21



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