A:S:S Modernist Skybox


This is the last purchase I made (so far)- and maybe my favorite from A:S:S. This box is textured beautifully- the “mirror” work to give the illusion of a super shiny floor makes me want to dance (lol). Dark wood with glowing soft white accents, and really nice big windows- lots of them make this place interesting and different.

There are 3 rooms, the large central living space, and a small room to the right (around the corner) and then a room behind- in that room a little staircase will lead you to an almost cavern like room that seems to go on forever. Changing the windlight settings or adding local lights will help you see in there…but it is really a fantastic though to bring interest to the “light and dark” of this build.


Only available in-world- follow the link below and then TP to the demo area to rez a copy to look at. You will be in love too 😉


49 prims



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