A:S:S Paris Industrial


Woot, this was the very first A:S:S skybox I bought almost a year ago now. I think it was part of a “sale” weekend, but I don’t rememebr exactly.

In any event I think this is about the best “Paris city scene” outside a window I have even seen. I adore how the dirty windows make it look like an old photograph or drawing of the city more than a “true to life” modern realistic photo. Those background screens have their place, but in this case with the old concrete and glass block textures inside I think it makes it feel warmer. I know that it is supposed to be “cold and industrial” but the scene adds just a hint of warmth which I appreciate. If you added some well worn furnishings and some soft rugs and wall art it woudl feel downright homey here.

A:S:S-Paris Industrial-

LOVE this still and I am so happy I bought it.

Available both on Marketplace and the in-world store- so go quick and grab this lovely build.



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