What happened at Peatonville Asylum?


we now have pieces of Sarah’s journal…….

We left George and ran away, bumping into David, who seemed unharmed. He showed us the way to the underground tunnels where we’re hiding now. I didn’t even know this place existed. “Is secret, is secret, bad things” David repeated over and over. We could still hear screams of John and Shirley being tortured somewhere above us and it hit me then. It was only us four left anymore. I asked the others to block the entrances with all means possible and began writing this. There’s a huge crash, it seems they have found the way in. We’re losing. It’s only me, Michael, David and Miranda remaining. I have written instructions for the delivery boy, he will make sure it all ends here. I’ve enclosed a copy of them on this journal. We’re all doomed. I know what I have to do. Please forgive me. I need to get the stone and then run for it.

To read the rest and learn all about the mystery and what happened to the patients and doctors and anyone else who wandered in you will have to join the hunt on October 28th.

The HUNT begins on Oct 28th if you dare


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