Peatonville Mystery is underway


Hey Everyone,

the Peatonville Asylum Mystery hunt is underway. You will have til January to complete the hunt- 50 clues to find that lead you to 50 stores. And if you find all the clues and the gifts you will be rewarded with even more prizes.

So, purchase a hunt HUD ($100l) at most of the participating stores or at the Hunt start point on MadPea sim
See pics of the prizes and participating stores here
each page will give you the LM and the hint to find the object at a store on the grid. You can do the hunt in any order you like.

Once you have all 50 pages and all 50 store gifts- you will be teleported to the room of Souls to pick up an additional gift from each of the stores.

I will say that the sim is a little laggy now, due to the number of hunters, do have 2 months to complete the hunt. So, if the lag bugs you- wait a little bit. It will be soo worth your wait.

Have fun
and Happy Halloween everyone!


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