Blue Sky- Orient Express


OOhh, this is so very cool. I have not seen another build like this one.. and this was at one time a Group Gift (lucky board I think) but available on marketplace

176 prims of awesoemness. There is a dining room with a table (poses included in the chairs) and 2 “sleeper” cars, poses and animation included here too. The whole time you are surrounded by trees speeding past and train noises (a version with no sound is also included).

I just love the idea of this build, it is crazy amazing for photos- and it really does feel like you are on a moving train. The colors are again what i expect from Luca Python- bright, vivid and soo pretty- the rich deep blue and the lush almost unreal greens of the trees outside- surreal is the word I like- it reminds me of the colors used buy Dali, and Marguerite. You should have one of these in your inventory- for those times you just want to get away- but not actually go anywhere.. the sounds and the sights of the movement make you feel lie you are going someplace very far away- train travel is so relaxing.





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