Zion- Skybox “LUNA”


First- yes- it has been “fixed” 😉 I had no trouble rezzing- Altho the pieces are pretty far apart (before they come together) if you have a tiny parcel or it is a weird shape, you will probably be fetching some pieces from lost and found- all copy though- so no worries. I had to rez/ de-rez 4 times before i found the spot that was far enough from the edge of my property line to not have objects returned- not a big deal. Or ask your neighbors to turn off auto-return for a minute 😉
Once rezzed- though .yaay! Furnishings are very well done and comfortable and not linked- so you can re-decorate as you wish.
The animations are all included and are basic and what you expect- but very well positioned and appropriate. The bed is poseball (Sex and Cuddle options) all others are built in. And be warned that you will be dropped out of the tub upon standing as it goes phantom for a second (not sure what to do about this?) perhaps un-linking and re-linking the poseballs?

Otherwise this is a terrific value for your Linden 80l) and so very pretty. 278 prims is not a lot, and since you can take out the furniture if you need to is easy to deal with.

Only available om Marketplace https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ZION-SkyBox-LUNA-furnished/949612

ZION Sky Box Luna

ZION Sky Box Luna- Bathroom

ZION Sky Box Luna- front porch

ZION Sky Box Luna- Bedroom


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