Fancy Dancing


OOh, so I got to go to a fancy dance, finally .. been a while.. but I still collect the dresses.

SO, Phoenix Rising has been ” going out of business” for a while now. But that that means is everything is 25L or less. Including this super amazing fantastical dress.

Willamina’s Tease is a vision in burgundy. The giant skirt is the very best part, a little shorter than floor length and longer than ‘tea’ length, you awesome shoes will be seen by all 😉

This gown , flows very well, but will “swallow” your date (yaay for them if they don’t’ care about such nonsense). the corset lacing on the back is very well done, and the stocking and garter [ants layers is very sexy, you will just catch glimpses with dance animations. But, all your bits will be very well covered.

The Rest:

Shoes: N-Core free gift basic stilletto

Skin: PXL Linda

Hair: Miel- TUE blonde 1 ( from the DECK b-day may not be avail)

Jewlery: Virtual impressions, Sabrina



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