How Cool it is When Someone Thinks of You!


You meet the nicest people in SL, and some touch you in a meaningful way. And when they let you know that you have also had a positive impact on them that is when it all seems worth it.

A few days ago someone I know-  and consider more than just a casual contact, or a business acquaintance sent me an IM and asked if I had received the newest note-card from her store-I knew I had the card, I saw it come in , but no- I had nto had a chance to look at it yet (sooo many NCs soo little time).  She said.. “Open it Open it”..

I did and awwwwwww……I am now one of those people in SL who has an item named for them. *blushes* I was not expecting this, as I said we have not really had a lot of deep personal contact with each other, we happen to know a lot of the same people and often end up in the same places. And we have worked together on some SL hunts…I enjoy her and I really like the jewelry and tattoo work she does. But this, this is simply a really lovely gift and I am so very flattered.

So, I would like to let you all (HA! “all of you” like anyone actually reads this and I am all that ;-p) know about Collisions  and Guenevere DeCuir. Her store is amazing, her work is stunning and different. She is very generous and participates in many hunts and offers amazing products and gifts.

You can find her inworld and on Marketplace and read all the latest here on her store Blog

And- this is what I am so very appreciative of- these earrings. Please go buy them 😉 and all the other stuff in the store too!

Clicquot's Peace Earrings

Peace, and Cheers




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