Buying My Ticket on the MESH Train


I’m not quite on-board yet-but I have my ticket…and because of this build- I am also on the platform jumping up and down like a lunatic waving that ticket around!

What you see here is the newest 9Pad build…..and OMG!!!! I am not gonna go on about the details and why it is cool, you really must see for yourself. You can see it at the official location  and I will leave it rezzed on my land as well- feel free to drop in and check it out…(just please don’t make a mess or try and move in (lol-yes it has happened *sigh))

Here are pictures, (more on my Flickr —–>)


outside looking in

Long View


Second Floor

I have not done a thing with these photos- not even a crop (lol sorry the interface is in them) And the wind light- is just default midday.  The entire build- apartment and city surround- is 709 prim equivalent.

The tricky bit, is that the city surround is 220m on the sides- so you need to build in a place where your neighbors are not right on your property lines (and at least 80m from the ground) but the build fits in a 64×64 space. Mathy goodness FTW!. All this means is that if your parcel is 64×64 you can rez the city and all its awesoemness- and it will “fit” but if you have a neighbor with a build less than 220m away from you .. the city will be in their living room ;-p (funny… but not polite).  The apartment only is a 40x40m build and it looks amazing on its own as well.

Ok, so. Go, run check this out and you will be waiting to board the MESH train with me.. I promise. The possibilities for even more magical things is just around the corner.




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