I have a new obsession- it is a dirty little secret


Ok, so here I was just unpacking boxes and stuff for the new TFUH… and I came across the box from the store “[dirty.little.secret]”. Ooh, SKYBOX!!!!!!! as you may or may not know I have a small-ish problem with houses in SL. Well, I guess it is only a problem if you look at it from my inventory. I think you can never have too many shoes or houses.

I have to say that this skybox is so cute (see pics below for proof!) and so well done that it deserves its own post. And as I was wandering around the in-world store I ran into Tash Porthos. We chatted for a bit, and she gave me all of her hunt gift houses! (OMG I know, my poor inventory).

So, this post is about, hunts (lots of them) and skyboxes, and super awesome amazing generous designers who make me very happy just by being the nicest people in the world(s).

This Paris Skybox is furnished with a chair, tub, eating area, bed and a sitting area. All of the seats (and the tub) have animations in them. Nothing fancy (or naughty ;-p) but.. lovely and useful. And the feathers! so cool.

TFUH- gift pic 3

TFUH- gift pic 2

TFUH- gift pic 1

What follows is a list of the other hunts that d.l.s. is in and a quick picture of the gifty. Oh, and I did mention that she is amazing, Tash makes sure that previous hunt gifts are available to purchase after a hunt ends. They are usually around 50L. But, right now- all the stuff on the main floor of her store is only 10L (this is why I was wandering about in there today in the first place- 10L goodies ftw!)

Shattered Heart Hunt

shattered Heart Hunt

Writers Block Hunt

Writers block hunt

Winter Chill Hunt

Winter Chill Hunt Prize

Abstract Artist Hunt

Abstract Artist hunt

Spring Shower Hunt

Spring Shower Hunt

Pentitient Hunt

Pentitient Hunt

I did not go into detail for all of these hunts- if you miss a hunt- these items will be for sale for a very reasonable price 😉

Go see her store http://slurl.com/secondlife/Envision/129/136/1749  shop the sale and hunt!




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