TFUH- prize pics


Shhhh.. lazy blogger.

Ok, so this first batch of pictures will be the ones that the creators sent. I know- I usually do unpack and wear and take my own pictures. But RL work is a drag this week (and it is ONLY Thursday *sigh) and I really want you all to see the preview as soon as possible. Lazy!

But, on the other hand the creators went to the trouble to take and upload their own pictures and they were kind enough to put them in the box. So, I shall use them.

Pictures from Stores:

#1 Sleeping Koala- top with leggings and skirt. Oh, I can feel the summer heat up and I cannot wait

#27 So What…- 2 colors of tops on shirt/pant and jacket layers. Prim cuffs and  Bow in both colors (plus bow in pink). I ADORE this shirt

#35 Kaerri- patio and furniture- all rezzes at once- 54 prims- not linked so you can add remove items (most no copy though.. so careful 😉

#19 glitz- 2 full outfits for male and female- you and your hunny will look so cute together ;-p

#9 Lilly’s Boutique- 2 full outfits for male and female. Tennis anyone? This just screams Country Club to me- in a good way 😉

#18 A Little Bird Told Me- living room set (Sofa, shelf candles, framed poster). Texture change sofa with seating for 2 avs. Sofa is 12 prims.

So What... TFUH Fancy Lace Shirts

TFUH - Glitzz

TFUH - Lilly's Boutique

Gift from A Little Bird Told Me

- Strappy BodyCon Outfit [Fruiti]”]

Kaerri Napoli Patio and Furniture

More for you later…

Until then, Enjoy.




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