The Goodness that is MADPEA


My journey with the MadPeas: Or why I love them, and you should too.

I have been meaning to write this post for a while now.  But, well you know- so many words- so little time 😉

MadPea Productions is the brainchild of  the Awesome! Kiana Writer.  She along with a group of insane(ly talented) others have created not only a group, but a family. All of us- we love the puzzles, challenges, Hunts, games and joy that is MadPea.

This post is going to be more about me, than the MP in general.

Once upon a time (june 4th 2010) a friend of mine IMd me and said- there is this awesome dress at “Show ME on the Doll” it is a hunt gift.. you want a TP? I said .. sure.

That dress (see below 😉 was a hunt gift for the “Mad Pea hunt” 100 or so very angry peas needed to be found- no easy feat to be sure. I decided that I would take the challenge on and do the entire hunt. So, I clicked the join group sign at SMOTD and off I went.

MadPea hunt gift from SMOTD

I got stuck almost immediately,  as I was pondering the hint- the group chat IM window paged me. Other ppl were stuck too. Then the most amazing thing happened, people in group chat started offering hints and help. Everyone was so nice and helpful (without giving away exact locations and spoiling for those that did not want help). With the help and support of amazing group members (some moderators, some just other hunters) I finished the hunt. And I then decided not to leave the group, but stay and pay forward the help.

The next hunt was the DUCK HUNT! This might still be my favorite MP hunt to date (and there have been some great ones). How can you NOT love that you have to box a duck to get your prize? I finished that hunt and helped others in group. At some point I was noticed by Kiana. She IMd me and asked if I would like to be an “official moderator” for group chat?  Heck yes- I would.  I guess that would be my first “official” job as a MadPea and I have not looked back since.

MadPea Duck Hunt- Attic Greenhouse

At some point, I was asked if I would like to beta test the next hunt a few days before it opened, yup. Then I was asked to help vendors make sure their objects were set up right- absolutely.  Increasing responsibilities were given to me and I have become a paid member of the team. I work to find hunt vendors, test HUDs and scripts, take gift pictures, post to Facebook, moderate Flickr group, Blog, host BINGO put out fires, answer questions, help hunters (still my favorite job),  and any other odd jobs that might need to be done. I really could not be more proud of myself.

I have to say the best part of this whole thing was that i was noticed. In a group of nearly 4000 residents- I (little old me) was seen as helpful and as someone who would fit in with the family. I was contacted and asked to join them by the big boss lady herself.

Kiana is never ever too busy or too important to be around- she is watching the group chat and she truly LOVES all of the Peas. If you have not joined a MadPea Productions hunt, what are you waiting for? Sanity Falls is just around the corner and is going to be simply amazing. And there is always a fun group of folks in the chat (lag be damned) ready to help you- or just to talk. We are family after all.

Here is some MadPea “stuff”:



Facebook (like us!)

My Youtube playlist of MP videos! 

We look forward to seeing you all for the new hunt. Do feel free to comment here- or contact me in-world if you have questions, need an application (we are still taking Sanity Falls vendor apps til March 7th) or just want to talk.




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