One Week Till Sanity Falls….


OOh, I am so excited. Next Sunday(April 1st) at Noon SLT everyone will get to experience the newest HUNT from the MadPeas.

We are all getting ready. I will be posting pictures of hunt gifts here for you- so keep checking back.  Also the MadPea blog will have picturesof all of the hunt gifts as well as an interview with each store owner- so do check there frequently.

Right now, I have a picture of the gift from ~*Es Stylez*~ I happen to LOVE this Hoodie.. it is MESH and it is the very first piece of MESH clothing that I have put on that actually fit. There are men’s and women’s sizes in the box.

*ps.. my hat is amazing- it is not a hunt gift- but is from one of our hunt vendors- BoHo Hobo ROCKS my world(s)

SIM and hunt gift from ~*Es Stylez*~

MESH hoodie from ~*Es Stylez*~

Back with more…..sooon




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