Quick and Dirty….


I was unprepared and as you can see I have been slacking, but I was sitting here today and I thought,,. “hey, Clicq…..you look good today and how about that awesome house, and the new chairs….” and I took a picture. Since I went to the trouble to take a picture, why not go ahead and post it?

So, here you are….

Thursday the whatever of May

So- for the “stuff”

The house is the new MESH-tastic offering from Scarlet Creative. Mesh – Scarlet Creative For absencen  I SERIOULSY love this house. And I told her so at her Prim Perfect Interview this week. Charlotte I ❤ you!

The chairs and table and accessories are the new Group Gifty from The Loft– LOVE you too Colleen, ty for the generosity. Chairs have a bunch of sits and free coffee 😉

As for me- Hair; Truth-Becky, Gingers (when is it not?) Skin; PXL- Linda (again, when is it not? I have not taken this skin off since Feb 2011), Shoes; Stilletto Moody-Bare Robin in BadSeed, Pants: GField- white capris, Shirt; R.icielli – LARISSA minitop /sangria 2, Jacket, WW – Sheer Ladies Shirt . None of the clothes are “new” and might not even be around any longer.  I encourage you all to dig around in your closet for some fantastic finds. Much like my RL closet, I dig and I find items that i would totally buy again if I saw them on the rack, and I have totally forgotten about them.

So, there you have it- spontaneous blogging! ftw!

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