Interested in SL as a way to communicate across distance and build communities & networks. SJSU MLIS’10

Also,I hunt, shop,dance, occasionally blog,listen, observe and watch the SL world go ’round.

Everyday is a new adventure.

This blog is really just about SL “stuff” that I find interesting. That changes from day to day actually. I am more interested in “places” in Sl than fashion- and there are proabbly enough fashion blogs around- most of them amazing-I could not and do not even want to try and compare to them.  I like builds, and sims that have been transformed into playgrounds and wonderlands. I am not expert photo taker or a photo shop genius. None of my pictures will have been re-touched or changed in anyway from what you see in SL (other thn a little cropping).


If you would like to know anythign else- do feel free to contact me here or inworld anytime.


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