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OMG! I  LOVE Apple Fall houses…. I am gonna be quiet and let you delight in the awesome MESH-y goodness. Again accessories and decoration from all my usual fav places ({What Next, Tromp Loeil, Mudhoney, Art Dummy, The Loft, Pop Art. Boathouse, LISP, Abiss. Apple Fall London   hit the flickr link for a few […]

I will use words sparingly, Scarlet Creative, Love, One Voice, MESH!……*sigh. I will see if I can find more words later, but until then, enjoy the pictures. I have not even started to add to the decoration, what you see here is included. 2 different WL setting used, otherwise no photoshop save a small crop.

Just Beachy


OOh, FASHION! been a while since I did a post that was fashion-y. But, I have some new stuff, and it is amazing. Starting with this MESH hair from Wasabi Pills. I might not take it off all summer. This happens to be very close to RL hair for me.  Color, braids, headscarf all of […]

I was unprepared and as you can see I have been slacking, but I was sitting here today and I thought,,. “hey, Clicq… look good today and how about that awesome house, and the new chairs….” and I took a picture. Since I went to the trouble to take a picture, why not go ahead […]

OOh, I am so excited. Next Sunday(April 1st) at Noon SLT everyone will get to experience the newest HUNT from the MadPeas. We are all getting ready. I will be posting pictures of hunt gifts here for you- so keep checking back.  Also the MadPea blog will have picturesof all of the hunt gifts as well as an interview […]

I’m not quite on-board yet-but I have my ticket…and because of this build- I am also on the platform jumping up and down like a lunatic waving that ticket around! What you see here is the newest 9Pad build…..and OMG!!!! I am not gonna go on about the details and why it is cool, you really must […]