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Hey all – really quick- here is the low down on the new MadPea hunt starting this month. We have 15 very amazing stores lined up for you. Fallen Gods Trident The Looking Glass Vengeful Threads Elvenbreath Machinima Open Studio Project Boudoir Roawenwood An Lema ~*Star Kindler Designs*~ Whatz forest feast Dragon Magick Wares Quixote’s […]

OMG! I  LOVE Apple Fall houses…. I am gonna be quiet and let you delight in the awesome MESH-y goodness. Again accessories and decoration from all my usual fav places ({What Next, Tromp Loeil, Mudhoney, Art Dummy, The Loft, Pop Art. Boathouse, LISP, Abiss. Apple Fall London   hit the flickr link for a few […]

Hey everyone (or all both of you that read my blog) I am still around, just a super bad blogger. I have no real excuse, and I will (as usual) try to do better. Since I have a few pictures of new house things, I will ad them here. I don’t have a lot to […]

I will use words sparingly, Scarlet Creative, Love, One Voice, MESH!……*sigh. I will see if I can find more words later, but until then, enjoy the pictures. I have not even started to add to the decoration, what you see here is included. 2 different WL setting used, otherwise no photoshop save a small crop.

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OOh, FASHION! been a while since I did a post that was fashion-y. But, I have some new stuff, and it is amazing. Starting with this MESH hair from Wasabi Pills. I might not take it off all summer. This happens to be very close to RL hair for me.  Color, braids, headscarf all of […]

Hi All, First a huge thank you to all the stores, hunters and fellow MadPeas the Sanity Falls Hunt was simply amazing and we could not have done it without you. You all have one more day to finish (or start ;-p) I wanted to give you all a little statistical happiness. We have 3093 registered HUDS […]

I was unprepared and as you can see I have been slacking, but I was sitting here today and I thought,,. “hey, Clicq… look good today and how about that awesome house, and the new chairs….” and I took a picture. Since I went to the trouble to take a picture, why not go ahead […]

I huge Thank You to all 1032 registered hunters! I am gonna toss out some prize picks for you here- in no particular order…… This is a mix of store prizes and final gifts… more to come. You can also check the MadPea website here for all of the pictures.

Hey, all the Mexico A Go-Go hunt begins to day… I have the list of stores and a pic of the gift from the lead off store. So cute the little pergola is and will look awesoem in your spring garden. Siesta Pergola :: copy // mod Prims w/lights: 48 Prims w/o lights: 37 ::: […]

Hold onto your hats Ladies and Gentlemen! I have the link to the trailer video for the upcoming Sanity Falls HUNT! You so don’t wanna miss this one. I promise it will be worth the wait. We have 50 (count them 50) amazing stores for you to visit after you explore the MadPea SIM For now….be teased by the […]