OOh, I am so excited. Next Sunday(April 1st) at Noon SLT everyone will get to experience the newest HUNT from the MadPeas.

We are all getting ready. I will be posting pictures of hunt gifts here for you- so keep checking back.  Also the MadPea blog will have picturesof all of the hunt gifts as well as an interview with each store owner- so do check there frequently.

Right now, I have a picture of the gift from ~*Es Stylez*~ I happen to LOVE this Hoodie.. it is MESH and it is the very first piece of MESH clothing that I have put on that actually fit. There are men’s and women’s sizes in the box.

*ps.. my hat is amazing- it is not a hunt gift- but is from one of our hunt vendors- BoHo Hobo ROCKS my world(s)

SIM and hunt gift from ~*Es Stylez*~

MESH hoodie from ~*Es Stylez*~

Back with more…..sooon




Hello hunters,

I have a couple hunt gift pics for you from the Supernatural Hunt 3. The Hunt started on the 7th of March and runs till the 31st. Links to Hunt blog with Hints/Stores and starting location below.

These prizes go together o complete your awesome super-fancy ensemble. I don’t personally do any RP, but I think these would be perfect for that. The shoes are easy to fit and the outfit comes with all the “modesty” items needed if you don’t want your pink parts to show 😉

!SHADE! blog is here 

Webpage for stores and hints http://supernatural-hunt.blogspot.com/p/hints.html

Starting location at Venus :  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Reykjanes/83/164/36

Happy Hunting!


A few more pictures of hunt gifts for you…

The sofa and 2 tables are from #36 Pixel Creations. These are my colors- people.. lol… seriously, my 1985 Ford Escort was tricked out in lime green and hot pink… that is how I roll 80s style!

Seating for 6, would be a very cozy squish, but if you have 5 friends- they can join you on your new sofa.  ;-p Sofa is 12 Prims Tables are 3 prims each

Pixel Creations,Little touches, Scarlotland

The little table on the right is from #16 Scarlotland- is jsut a bacis table for your groooovy 70s pad. The top reminds me of a “spin art” thing-a-ma-jig I had as a kid… ooooohh. swirly. 2 prims

And the little table on the left is from #14 Little Touches. Is super cute for all you crafty folks out there.

Coffee cup has steam on and off- the needlepoint has several textures to change to. And the whole thing is un-linked- so you can add and subtract at will.. 25 prims total

Mmmm Coffee and crafty goodness


More soon 😉



My journey with the MadPeas: Or why I love them, and you should too.

I have been meaning to write this post for a while now.  But, well you know- so many words- so little time 😉

MadPea Productions is the brainchild of  the Awesome! Kiana Writer.  She along with a group of insane(ly talented) others have created not only a group, but a family. All of us- we love the puzzles, challenges, Hunts, games and joy that is MadPea.

This post is going to be more about me, than the MP in general.

Once upon a time (june 4th 2010) a friend of mine IMd me and said- there is this awesome dress at “Show ME on the Doll” it is a hunt gift.. you want a TP? I said .. sure.

That dress (see below 😉 was a hunt gift for the “Mad Pea hunt” 100 or so very angry peas needed to be found- no easy feat to be sure. I decided that I would take the challenge on and do the entire hunt. So, I clicked the join group sign at SMOTD and off I went.

MadPea hunt gift from SMOTD

I got stuck almost immediately,  as I was pondering the hint- the group chat IM window paged me. Other ppl were stuck too. Then the most amazing thing happened, people in group chat started offering hints and help. Everyone was so nice and helpful (without giving away exact locations and spoiling for those that did not want help). With the help and support of amazing group members (some moderators, some just other hunters) I finished the hunt. And I then decided not to leave the group, but stay and pay forward the help.

The next hunt was the DUCK HUNT! This might still be my favorite MP hunt to date (and there have been some great ones). How can you NOT love that you have to box a duck to get your prize? I finished that hunt and helped others in group. At some point I was noticed by Kiana. She IMd me and asked if I would like to be an “official moderator” for group chat?  Heck yes- I would.  I guess that would be my first “official” job as a MadPea and I have not looked back since.

MadPea Duck Hunt- Attic Greenhouse

At some point, I was asked if I would like to beta test the next hunt a few days before it opened, yup. Then I was asked to help vendors make sure their objects were set up right- absolutely.  Increasing responsibilities were given to me and I have become a paid member of the team. I work to find hunt vendors, test HUDs and scripts, take gift pictures, post to Facebook, moderate Flickr group, Blog, host BINGO put out fires, answer questions, help hunters (still my favorite job),  and any other odd jobs that might need to be done. I really could not be more proud of myself.

I have to say the best part of this whole thing was that i was noticed. In a group of nearly 4000 residents- I (little old me) was seen as helpful and as someone who would fit in with the family. I was contacted and asked to join them by the big boss lady herself.

Kiana is never ever too busy or too important to be around- she is watching the group chat and she truly LOVES all of the Peas. If you have not joined a MadPea Productions hunt, what are you waiting for? Sanity Falls is just around the corner and is going to be simply amazing. And there is always a fun group of folks in the chat (lag be damned) ready to help you- or just to talk. We are family after all.

Here is some MadPea “stuff”:

Marketplace https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/29368

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/groups/madpeagames/ 

Facebook (like us!)  http://www.facebook.com/MadPea

My Youtube playlist of MP videos! http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL888714646C96B6E9 

We look forward to seeing you all for the new hunt. Do feel free to comment here- or contact me in-world if you have questions, need an application (we are still taking Sanity Falls vendor apps til March 7th) or just want to talk.



Ok, so here I was just unpacking boxes and stuff for the new TFUH… and I came across the box from the store “[dirty.little.secret]”. Ooh, SKYBOX!!!!!!! as you may or may not know I have a small-ish problem with houses in SL. Well, I guess it is only a problem if you look at it from my inventory. I think you can never have too many shoes or houses.

I have to say that this skybox is so cute (see pics below for proof!) and so well done that it deserves its own post. And as I was wandering around the in-world store I ran into Tash Porthos. We chatted for a bit, and she gave me all of her hunt gift houses! (OMG I know, my poor inventory).

So, this post is about, hunts (lots of them) and skyboxes, and super awesome amazing generous designers who make me very happy just by being the nicest people in the world(s).

This Paris Skybox is furnished with a chair, tub, eating area, bed and a sitting area. All of the seats (and the tub) have animations in them. Nothing fancy (or naughty ;-p) but.. lovely and useful. And the feathers! so cool.

TFUH- gift pic 3

TFUH- gift pic 2

TFUH- gift pic 1

What follows is a list of the other hunts that d.l.s. is in and a quick picture of the gifty. Oh, and I did mention that she is amazing, Tash makes sure that previous hunt gifts are available to purchase after a hunt ends. They are usually around 50L. But, right now- all the stuff on the main floor of her store is only 10L (this is why I was wandering about in there today in the first place- 10L goodies ftw!)

Shattered Heart Hunt

shattered Heart Hunt

Writers Block Hunt

Writers block hunt

Winter Chill Hunt

Winter Chill Hunt Prize

Abstract Artist Hunt

Abstract Artist hunt

Spring Shower Hunt

Spring Shower Hunt

Pentitient Hunt

Pentitient Hunt

I did not go into detail for all of these hunts- if you miss a hunt- these items will be for sale for a very reasonable price 😉

Go see her store http://slurl.com/secondlife/Envision/129/136/1749  shop the sale and hunt!



Shhhh.. lazy blogger.

Ok, so this first batch of pictures will be the ones that the creators sent. I know- I usually do unpack and wear and take my own pictures. But RL work is a drag this week (and it is ONLY Thursday *sigh) and I really want you all to see the preview as soon as possible. Lazy!

But, on the other hand the creators went to the trouble to take and upload their own pictures and they were kind enough to put them in the box. So, I shall use them.

Pictures from Stores:

#1 Sleeping Koala- top with leggings and skirt. Oh, I can feel the summer heat up and I cannot wait

#27 So What…- 2 colors of tops on shirt/pant and jacket layers. Prim cuffs and  Bow in both colors (plus bow in pink). I ADORE this shirt

#35 Kaerri- patio and furniture- all rezzes at once- 54 prims- not linked so you can add remove items (most no copy though.. so careful 😉

#19 glitz- 2 full outfits for male and female- you and your hunny will look so cute together ;-p

#9 Lilly’s Boutique- 2 full outfits for male and female. Tennis anyone? This just screams Country Club to me- in a good way 😉

#18 A Little Bird Told Me- living room set (Sofa, shelf candles, framed poster). Texture change sofa with seating for 2 avs. Sofa is 12 prims.

So What... TFUH Fancy Lace Shirts

TFUH - Glitzz

TFUH - Lilly's Boutique

Gift from A Little Bird Told Me

- Strappy BodyCon Outfit [Fruiti]”]

Kaerri Napoli Patio and Furniture

More for you later…

Until then, Enjoy.



hey everyone,

here I am sitting on a pile of stuff.  I need to unpack and take pictures, but soon I will have for you a peak at all of the super awesome stuff that can be yours if you join us on the Fresh Unknown Hunt (TFUH).

Unpacking in 3,2,1...

Hunt starts on March 1st!!!  check back here shortly for all the pictures.



Ok, so I’m gonna be a tease right now…

I have the poster for the new MadPea hunt set to open on April 1st and run thru June 30th 2012.

We are accepting application now- 50 vendors will be selected. If you would like an application to be a vendor for this hunt send me an IM or drop me a Note Card inworld- Clicquot Oh and I will get you right away.

MadPea Productions Presents

For hunters- get ready to be surprised all over again- this is gonna be even better than the last hunt!

Stay tuned for details, join the MadPea group inworld, check the Madpea BLOG,  like us on Facebook ,find our videos on Youtube and post your pictures of MP relaeted goodness to Flickr.

So, we will see you soon- I will have prize pics later as always.. and we will “leak” story details soon…so consider yourself warned that you will be teased!



I’m not quite on-board yet-but I have my ticket…and because of this build- I am also on the platform jumping up and down like a lunatic waving that ticket around!

What you see here is the newest 9Pad build…..and OMG!!!! I am not gonna go on about the details and why it is cool, you really must see for yourself. You can see it at the official location  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Beausoleil/30/90/1251  and I will leave it rezzed on my land as well- feel free to drop in and check it out…(just please don’t make a mess or try and move in (lol-yes it has happened *sigh))

Here are pictures, (more on my Flickr —–>)


outside looking in

Long View


Second Floor

I have not done a thing with these photos- not even a crop (lol sorry the interface is in them) And the wind light- is just default midday.  The entire build- apartment and city surround- is 709 prim equivalent.

The tricky bit, is that the city surround is 220m on the sides- so you need to build in a place where your neighbors are not right on your property lines (and at least 80m from the ground) but the build fits in a 64×64 space. Mathy goodness FTW!. All this means is that if your parcel is 64×64 you can rez the city and all its awesoemness- and it will “fit” but if you have a neighbor with a build less than 220m away from you .. the city will be in their living room ;-p (funny… but not polite).  The apartment only is a 40x40m build and it looks amazing on its own as well.

Ok, so. Go, run check this out and you will be waiting to board the MESH train with me.. I promise. The possibilities for even more magical things is just around the corner.



You meet the nicest people in SL, and some touch you in a meaningful way. And when they let you know that you have also had a positive impact on them that is when it all seems worth it.

A few days ago someone I know-  and consider more than just a casual contact, or a business acquaintance sent me an IM and asked if I had received the newest note-card from her store-I knew I had the card, I saw it come in , but no- I had nto had a chance to look at it yet (sooo many NCs soo little time).  She said.. “Open it Open it”..

I did and awwwwwww……I am now one of those people in SL who has an item named for them. *blushes* I was not expecting this, as I said we have not really had a lot of deep personal contact with each other, we happen to know a lot of the same people and often end up in the same places. And we have worked together on some SL hunts…I enjoy her and I really like the jewelry and tattoo work she does. But this, this is simply a really lovely gift and I am so very flattered.

So, I would like to let you all (HA! “all of you” like anyone actually reads this and I am all that ;-p) know about Collisions  and Guenevere DeCuir. Her store is amazing, her work is stunning and different. She is very generous and participates in many hunts and offers amazing products and gifts.

You can find her inworld and on Marketplace https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/15461 and read all the latest here on her store Blog http://www.collisionsblog.com/

And- this is what I am so very appreciative of- these earrings. Please go buy them 😉 and all the other stuff in the store too!

Clicquot's Peace Earrings

Peace, and Cheers