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This is the main store gift from your host MadPea Productions! Advertisements

we now have pieces of Sarah’s journal……. We left George and ran away, bumping into David, who seemed unharmed. He showed us the way to the underground tunnels where we’re hiding now. I didn’t even know this place existed. “Is secret, is secret, bad things” David repeated over and over. We could still hear screams […]

These are the 2 (yes you heard right) store gifts offered by REAL Waves. If you complete the hunt you will receive a 3rd gift! So Generous and amazing. You can find this store on FB and Flickr or jsut go see the amazing sim full of waves and other goodness  This hat is sooo cute […]

Here we have the Stores participating in the HUNT as of today! Sooo many good ones.. I will be adding pics of the gifts shortly- so much good stuff! We are honored and lucky to have the following stores in the hunt. MadPea Base & store Hoshi Island Sweet Poison FD Decor Aphrodite Megastore & Coffeehouse * […]

MadPea Productions present Peatonville Mystery hunt. The basic story behind the hunt: The hunter learns a story about the notorious Peatonville Asylum, where both the patients and staff lost their mind one after one leading into a horrible massacre. It is all connected to an ancient native indian Soulstone that was broken into pieces and […]

More of the goodies! The Unknown Hunt Spring- dress from Peek and top from Be.LoTe Other- Skin PXL “Linda”- Shoes Stilleto Moody “Bare Lana” anniversary gift, Hair Truth “Nadia” Super cute meditation set- pillow with 3 sit poses candles and incense. And bookcase table by Fucifino (all items are mod and unlinked)       […]