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OMG! I  LOVE Apple Fall houses…. I am gonna be quiet and let you delight in the awesome MESH-y goodness. Again accessories and decoration from all my usual fav places ({What Next, Tromp Loeil, Mudhoney, Art Dummy, The Loft, Pop Art. Boathouse, LISP, Abiss. Apple Fall London   hit the flickr link for a few […]

Ok, so here I was just unpacking boxes and stuff for the new TFUH… and I came across the box from the store “[dirty.little.secret]”. Ooh, SKYBOX!!!!!!! as you may or may not know I have a small-ish problem with houses in SL. Well, I guess it is only a problem if you look at it […]

I’m not quite on-board yet-but I have my ticket…and because of this build- I am also on the platform jumping up and down like a lunatic waving that ticket around! What you see here is the newest 9Pad build…..and OMG!!!! I am not gonna go on about the details and why it is cool, you really must […]

OOhh, this is so very cool. I have not seen another build like this one.. and this was at one time a Group Gift (lucky board I think) but available on marketplace 176 prims of awesoemness. There is a dining room with a table (poses included in the chairs) and 2 “sleeper” cars, poses […]

Hey All, House diving again 😉 So, Blue Sky is another of my favorites., the use of color (they are always super vivid and bright) is amazing and textures perfect. This post is about the NY City Loft skybox. 2 floors of coolness. The lime green on the first floor just makes me happy and […]

This is the last purchase I made (so far)- and maybe my favorite from A:S:S. This box is textured beautifully- the “mirror” work to give the illusion of a super shiny floor makes me want to dance (lol). Dark wood with glowing soft white accents, and really nice big windows- lots of them make this place […]

We are almost through the A:S:S folder! I am not in love with this build- it has some nice elements and it is pretty nice for taking pictures. But again it is one of those “zillion tiny pieces” builds that make me nuts. They are fine to rez- but taking them back is a PITA- I always include some […]

Woot, this was the very first A:S:S skybox I bought almost a year ago now. I think it was part of a “sale” weekend, but I don’t rememebr exactly. In any event I think this is about the best “Paris city scene” outside a window I have even seen. I adore how the dirty windows […]

This box, was a group gift ( I think) and I do not see it for sale on the Marketpalce or in the in-world store. It is 29 prims and very cute. A ton of little parts though…so don’t rez the thing near landscaping or other stuff, or you will have a devil of a […]

  This is a cute little box- I love the artwork on the walls. And it is really pretty from the outside. This is a familiar shape for A:S:S skyboxes- 2 rooms divided on 2 levels by a little 3 step staircase. But the addition of the little green play area is very cute. If it was […]