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Hi All, First a huge thank you to all the stores, hunters and fellow MadPeas the Sanity Falls Hunt was simply amazing and we could not have done it without you. You all have one more day to finish (or start ;-p) I wanted to give you all a little statistical happiness. We have 3093 registered HUDS […]

A few more pictures of hunt gifts for you… The sofa and 2 tables are from #36 Pixel Creations. These are my colors- people.. lol… seriously, my 1985 Ford Escort was tricked out in lime green and hot pink… that is how I roll 80s style! Seating for 6, would be a very cozy squish, but if […]

Ok, so here I was just unpacking boxes and stuff for the new TFUH… and I came across the box from the store “[dirty.little.secret]”. Ooh, SKYBOX!!!!!!! as you may or may not know I have a small-ish problem with houses in SL. Well, I guess it is only a problem if you look at it […]

Shhhh.. lazy blogger. Ok, so this first batch of pictures will be the ones that the creators sent. I know- I usually do unpack and wear and take my own pictures. But RL work is a drag this week (and it is ONLY Thursday *sigh) and I really want you all to see the preview […]

hey everyone, here I am sitting on a pile of stuff.  I need to unpack and take pictures, but soon I will have for you a peak at all of the super awesome stuff that can be yours if you join us on the Fresh Unknown Hunt (TFUH). Hunt starts on March 1st!!!  check back […]

Oh, I’m so tingly. THere is a brand new THU (The Unknown Hunt) coming up. These hunts are awesome and a great chance for you to discover a brand new store, new designer, new favorite thing. All of the stores (will be 60 max- so a totally do-able size) have opened since November 2011. So, for anyone […]