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I huge Thank You to all 1032 registered hunters! I am gonna toss out some prize picks for you here- in no particular order…… This is a mix of store prizes and final gifts… more to come. You can also check the MadPea website here for all of the pictures. Advertisements

Hey, all the Mexico A Go-Go hunt begins to day… I have the list of stores and a pic of the gift from the lead off store. So cute the little pergola is and will look awesoem in your spring garden. Siesta Pergola :: copy // mod Prims w/lights: 48 Prims w/o lights: 37 ::: […]

OOh, I am so excited. Next Sunday(April 1st) at Noon SLT everyone will get to experience the newest HUNT from the MadPeas. We are all getting ready. I will be posting pictures of hunt gifts here for you- so keep checking back.  Also the MadPea blog will have picturesof all of the hunt gifts as well as an interview […]

Hello hunters, I have a couple hunt gift pics for you from the Supernatural Hunt 3. The Hunt started on the 7th of March and runs till the 31st. Links to Hunt blog with Hints/Stores and starting location below. These prizes go together o complete your awesome super-fancy ensemble. I don’t personally do any RP, but I think these would be perfect […]

A few more pictures of hunt gifts for you… The sofa and 2 tables are from #36 Pixel Creations. These are my colors- people.. lol… seriously, my 1985 Ford Escort was tricked out in lime green and hot pink… that is how I roll 80s style! Seating for 6, would be a very cozy squish, but if […]

My journey with the MadPeas: Or why I love them, and you should too. I have been meaning to write this post for a while now.  But, well you know- so many words- so little time 😉 MadPea Productions is the brainchild of  the Awesome! Kiana Writer.  She along with a group of insane(ly talented) others have […]